How To Have …

How to have a Bible Reading Marathon

  • Love the word of God.
  • Want others to know about The Truth.
  • Plan it for your situation.
  • Read

Like so many thing in life…a Bible Reading Marathon can be simple or complex depending on your goal and intention. You will need to consider the following general areas:

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Set-up
  • The reading
  • Follow-up

Questions to help you focus

  • Will  you  read the New Testament or whole Bible?
  • Will reading be in a non-church, public setting?
  • How wide of participation by churches?
  • How many and which local churches will you have participate?
  • Do you need permission/authorization to read?
  • Are permits needed?
  • Can security for the readers be arranged? (Many young people will want to stay the whole time.)
  • Do you want to distribute Bible?
  • How many chairs? Tables? Restrooms? Lighting?
  • Who will set-up? Dismantle and clean up?
  • What if it rains?
  • Contact media for advertisement?
  • Is funding needed for supplies, security personnel, lighting…
  • How will you schedule people or groups to be responsible to supervising the reading?
  • What translation will you use?
  • Will any one in governmental and/or civic organization participate?
  • Will you need a mic and public address system?
  • Are you planning too big? Too small?
  • Most importantly, will this public reading of God's Word bring Glory and Honor to God?
  • A public reading of the New Testament is WORK.

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