Grant-it Dust

"Grant-it Dust"

Ray Waugh, Jr.

Rocks need no windows …
    Most rocks are the same
outside-in or inside-out

I gave an igneous rock away once.
    "Platonic" was our friendship.

 "Grant it" it is early in the morning,
    but I need to get up and write you a note.

Hi! Trust all is going well …

You know, it is good to wake up with a
    friend on your mind.
It is peaceful to return to sleep, your
    mind at ease … the thought is penned

Friends are windows to ourselves.
    We in the Twentieth Century have many windows.
    * Space window
    * Of opportunity
    * Microsoft Windows

The window that is most difficult to find is
    the window into the life of a friend. 

The heart of another is a "Use No Crow-Bar Zone."
    The tenderness of lives touching is the
essential ingredient.

Lonely is a night alone in the snow …
    Yet, never as alone as with a friend
who does not understand.

Lonely is the time in the quiet of the snow …
    But, not near the alone as caused by the
silence of a friend who looked passed you …

    beyond to someone else.

While we sit at our window looking at the
    world, be sure to remember that we
"Have a friend who sticks closer that a brother." 

All that our friends need and 
    all that we need is to share
the life God has so graciously given us 
    with other …

We need to sit and wait for them to open their
    life's window …
We must never force entry!!!

Remembering, that Life is Fragile … Private …

First Published on Internet November 13, 1998


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