Willow Dust

Willow Dust
Ray Waugh, Jr.


    planted a willow tree.
LONG AGO the neighborhood gang
    played and swung in the willow tree.

Remember, those hours spent in your favorite
    tree house? We called ours a tree fort.
Oh, you never swung from a tree
    and dreamed of far away places?

I remember a "big" granite rock
    that Jeff and I moved —
The two of us were moving "Mount Everest."
     NOW, I can hold it over my head.

I wonder how good those days
    really were?
Well, I remember blisters, skinned knees,
    mosquitoes, and "I've got to go eat."

Time seemed to be forgotten during
    those days before . . .
Before there was NOW!

Ever trim an old willow tree
    twelve years after you built your
        "tree fort" in it?

Your saw finds long forgotten (gutter) nails.

Our PRESENT is like the saw . . .
Our PRESENT is like sawing . . .

Suddenly, brought to
    a momentary standstill,

We ponder and remember a
    memory long hidden yet ALIVE.

Remember, to thank the Lord when He
    reminds you of moments and people

Pray for that person, or if they are gone,
    pray for the testimony they left behind.

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