Glossary for Dust


The symbol I use to illustrate our increasing knowledge of God's creation.
")" represents the limit of what we know 
"…" represents the unknow which in time becomes a known limit "(" See Star Dust


From Hazel, Kentucky. Calhoon had a Texaco Service Station just north of the S-Curve in Hazel. A deadly curve I might add. He was a very helpful man. He had a pot bellied stove in the middle of his garage which kept folk warm during the winter. 


1 Peter: Peter write his book to the scattered one. Like spores and seeds believers were scatteed and the Good News took root where ever they landes.


Years ago at HPC and later HPU, in the Fall Freshmen ran the gauntlet of Freshman Round Up Day which included a "beanie cap."  Generally, there was much H20 along with a variety of freshman only activities.


A "fast friend" of my Father from 1983 to 1995 when my Father died.


Howard Payne University. When I began my HP experience we were College, then, changed to University.


Years ago before "new paint jobs" the lamp posts around HPC/HPU were numbered at the bottom of the post.


Exodus 25 describes the Ark of Testimony found in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle.

Pictorially, God's presence is represented by the winged creatures (cherubim), Christ is represented by the solid gold lid or "mercy seat", and man is represented by the Ark or Box.

CHRIST MUST STAND between the sinner and the Righteous God. Just as the lid covered the ark completely, Christ's substitutionary death on the cross covers the believing sinner's sin(s) completely. Christ did not die for any sin(s) He committed. He died for the sin(s) of men. If anyone is going to approach or please God, they must have their sin(s) covered by Jesus Christ, God's mercy seat or righteous covering of sin. "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3. CHRIST ALONE IS OUR REDEEMER. Read Romans 3:21ff.


is a mountain on the island of Martinique, French West Indies. It erupted on May 8, 1902, destroying the Port City of Saint-Pierre, and killing 30,000 people. Only one man, a prisoner, survived!


The HPU administration, classroom, and office building which burned down.


Ancient writing paper made from the pith of the papyrus plant.


St. John's Episcopal Church in Brownwood, Texas is a special place where you can go with friends or alone to fellowship with God. In the quiet of the rustic, sandstone church with its vaulted ceiling-roof, you gain new direction for living like Elijah and the "still small voice" in 1 Kings 19. I have never found the doors locked! This unique place is a quiet harbor.


I sent ICE DUST to Susan (a long time friend) years ago when Sharon , Mike, and Susan drove once a week from Brownwood to Austin, Texas for ice skating lessons.


When velvet cloth is cut, it leaves cuttings or "dust."


An ancient writing material made from animal skins.

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