If You Dust

If You Dust
November 16, 1975
©Ray Waugh, Jr.

If you dust . . .

books by reading old unread ones, you will discover the
     thoughts and life of a forgotten writer.
the house you will only make room for
     "Tomorrow's Dust"

if you see dust . . .
     you may be in a "Dust Storm."
you maybe facing the sun on your way to Brownwood.

If you stop and think of dust . . .  
     a poem may come to mind.

     Life is real "Life is earnest"
          and the grave is not its goal;
     Dust thou art, to dust returneth,
          Was not spoken of the soul.

If you stop to see the
     message in the dust
          remember the LORD.

Our Lord is most gracious.  He sent His
    Son.  Jesus humbled himself … till He
          became dust under the feet of His enemies.

But, His redeeming work covers the earth like a
     gentle dust from Heaven.

Righting the wrong in the natural creation, as well as,
    the heart of man is the eternal result of
    the curshing of God's Rock Of Salvation.

And, now, like a gentle "dust" covering the earth,
    He is scattered in the hearts and lives of

ALL men who trust HIM.

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