Star Dust



I had planned for this dust to be about
    fanciful dreams, but a better idea came today.

God is omnipresent
       light, and
       love.  But, these are not the last words.

God is my Maker and Redeemer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

God is my friend because of His Son.

The Scriptures and the creation reveal His character and attributes.  God is, however, far more than my mortal mind can understand. He is more loving than my heart is able to accept. 
     He is Creator. 
     I am the creation.

Our knowledge of the physical universe (micro and macro cosmos) follows a predictable pattern.

Our understanding of the creation is always discovering a previously unknown and unexpected frontier of knowledge, or understanding just beyond the threshold of the known.

As soon as the new unknown is examined and becomes known, a new and unexpected frontier is discovered beyond the threshold of the known. 

If we have eyes to see, ears to hear, and heart to believe, we will know more and more of God (Romans 1:20;  Hebrews 11:1-3).

My understanding of God as revealed in the Scriptures has the same unapproachable limit. 
God will always be
     more loving,
          more just, and
               more trustworthy than
I will ever know and/or understand.

God summons that part of us which man cannot see.
     David calls it "my inner most being,"
          in order to add the food of the Word and
              the wisdom of the Spirit,
creating in us a testimony for all to see ….
    a light into the uttermost parts.

Please, do not limit the Spirit or
     the Father's ability.
They are not concerned with the vastness
    of space, or
the fast-fleetingness of time.

You be "that tree planted by the water
    which will bear fruit in its season."

YOU bear the testimony, like the tree in
    Psalm 1, and God will bring forth the (a)

Even from your scattered and
    often disorganized dust …

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