Potter’s Dust

Potter's Dust
Fingerprints left on a Spinning Pot
©Ray Waugh, Jr.

This Dust came while in an art room at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana while visiting Becky Tarry one winter many, many years ago.
Kathy – I do not remember her last name, but I suppose that does not matter. She may have even been a Cathy with a "C"
As I watched Kathy . . . I think I sent her some flowers…
"The dust feel light and airy before the water is added."
"I can make a pot anytime."
Today, I saw something that was new.  When she added water, she had "workable" clay for her pot.
Kathy, "the potter", left her finger prints in the spinning pot.
How Great is our Lord!
Dust becomes living when God gives life. 
And is the touch of the Lord any different?
God's closeness is security.
For as the Lord deals with me, His Word (The Son made of the Dust of the Earth and His Son the Living Water) will bear fruit . . . Isaiah 55:10 ff.
Truly, the Spirit of God works a work that is unique in all the creation.
He takes us and by the work of Christ makes us a "new-creation"
fit for unique service, 
  a special place 
    that only the "New-Pot" touched by the
love of God in His Mercy Seat can fill.

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