Shower Dust

Ray Waugh
4:00 pm August 03, 1984

Grease on tub … soap pieces … empty bottles
    dull razor blades … clean towels …
There is just something special about a shower … a long shower.

Some mornings the "old shower monster"
    grabs my ankle and
    holds me there for the longest time.
    Quickly retreating down the drain
    the moment the cold water arrives.
    (Some call this "prune time."

No warm water and no “shower monster” I off to the day's adventures.

Great ideas can be discovered
   in the solitude of the shower.
New insights to major problems are "seen" in the
    relaxed "steamy" atmosphere of the shower.

God can use your shower time to inform you of his will.
God can use your moments in the shower to call you into service.

God can speak with you and inform you of his will in
   mundane experiences in life …

The Bible is filled with example after example of
   God calling in the everyday 's of life.

David and Moses were both called to serve God
   in special ways while watching sheep.

No need to fear a boring and mundane occupation.

Joseph was enslaved while running an errand for his father Jacob.

Never be surprised, if God calls you to "special" service
   in rather mundane-everyday situations.

After you find your place of service,
     the bands may not play for you.
     No need to ask, “Where is big send-off ceremonies?”

When on the field of service
     you may find yourself praying for help living with the bugs or frogs.

When on the field of service
     you may live years before "observable" results are seen.

Often, the dark moments may penetrate your soul.  BUT,
   know that the God who called you and
   encouraged you in the mundane experiences of life
   will sustain you while you experience mundane and not so exciting
   moments in His "special" service.

Oh, by the way this was written in 1984 and twenty-seven years later
          The Lord has not returned.
          We are still having four seasons.

God has His time table. We need to remember Acts 1 and I paraphrase:
     The disciples ask “Jesus, when are you returning?”
     Jesus replies that the time table is in the Father’s hands.
     Then, Jesus makes a simple statement in Acts 1:8
           Be busy cultivating, planting, waiting, and harvesting …
           and being a part of the “Diaspora . . .

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