Willie Betsel “Wild Beauty”

Wild Beauty©
Willie Betsel – Doole Texas

A huge Indian blanket
    Spread over the country side,
As the different kinds of daises
    Open their petals wide.

The Indian Paint Brush,
    The Black-eyed Susan too.
Man can create beauty
    But this, only God can do.

First came the Blue Bonnets.
    Over the road-side and hills
Then white daisies and the primroses
    Purple Verbena, and the daffodil

Thank you Lord, for the beauty
    of this earth on which we live
Thank you for the children
    The most wonderful flowers you give.

Willie Betsel has been gone for more than twenty years. She was faithful to her Lord, family, and church.
I heard many stories about how she loved the creation that God had made and shared with her.

She copied this poem down for me in the 1970's.
This poem is the property of her family.

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