“Rebecca Moss”

©Ray Waugh, Jr.

Did you know there were some headstones in
    St. John's Church?  Like the "cris-crossing of lives
    in time" these headstones are protected from stray
    rocks by a cris-cross of iron mesh.

I wonder tonight who exactly Rebecca S. Moss,
      1929-1885, was. If her life were distilled
      what would be left?
     Unfulfilled love
     "Grandmother, Please"
     Why doesen't the Lord let the rain
         come in the spring instead
         of when the crops are almost parched?
     Did she love the church (the people)?
     Did she find delight in pondering the Lord's
         hand in her life?
     Would she rather have had her "glass" headstone
         sent to China as Bibles?
     Did she pray for me who stands
         here tonight? Did she allow the
         Holy Spirit to lead her steps to pray?
     And then, did she allow the Holy Spirit to
         finish her "groanings?"
No matter Rebecca … tonight you inspired me.  He Lord
    gave me new insight because of
I never cease to be amazed at the Lord;
    I left Doole today and the Holy Spirit did give me
    the words to speak tonight.
I could never preach a better sermon; nor,
could there be a better group:
    Love You
    Love the Word
    Love to meet and NOW
you drop "Rebecca S. Moss" on my mind, many, many thanks.


Note: See Sandstone Dust written at St. John's Episcopal Church

*On a visit to Brownwood in June 1997, I noticed that the wire mesh had been replaced with plastic. 

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