A Dust to Elizabeth

Ray Waugh, Jr.©

Dear Elizabeth:

Have you never walked the field(s) alone?

I find myself alone. Especially, tonight!
    Alone, for the past is gone.
      Alone, for the future is not yet.

Who can catch the
    "fast fleeting moment" of the present?

"Follow!" "Follow" . . . When He spoke our names
    did He demand that we follow?

Does Love require the loved to follow?
How Love longs . . . How Love hopes . . .

If we sometimes feel alone, Are we truly alone?

God in Hebrews 13 assures us that,

"I will never leave you, nor forsake you.
So that we may boldly say,
The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear
What man shall do unto me."

Christ's love for us
     is beyond our mortal understanding . . .

If we feel alone, what deep agony Christ must have
     felt as He lived among men.

For Christ to Love you and me 
    He had to be alone.
        He had to walk alone.
          He had to stand alone.
            He had to hang alone.

He alone makes us not alone . . . 
    He alone is the very foundation of 
        the end of man's searching.


     First Published on Internet October 18, 1998
          Written January 30, 1976 after walking through Mimms

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