Sunrise and Sunset


Sunrise and Sunset
Raymond A. Waugh, Sr.

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Sunset, we exult, is the hour of rest;
   Little birds seek before darkness their fragile nests.
Lads who for adventure set out to roam;
   In the twilight hours turn wayward feet toward home.

But we, amidst earth’s recurring sunset splendors,
   Seek not a tenuous place to moor
Our fragile temples of mere clay;
   In the waning sunlight hours, we just simply pray.

After the sunset comes the twilight —
   After the twilight comes the night.
Though darkness try to hold its mortal prey,
   He who won at Calvary still holds sway.

Thus, the sunset hour brings rest and peace;
   The twilight does our confidence increase;
For we know that as we span the night,
   Through faith we can bask in God’s eternal Light!

O glorious dawning, we can forever intone,
   When our triumph over darkness shall be won;
Unending, then, our praise for Christ shall be,
   As in the sunrise of tomorrow we rejoice eternally!

Copyright by David R. Waugh & Ray Waugh, Jr.


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