Mr. Scott

"Mr. Scott"
©Ray Waugh, Jr.

I never read of Mr. Scott in a history book.


I can't say I've seen his name

inscribed on some great architectural monument.

I can't say that I've ever heard anyone mention his name.

But, one day he found (met) Mary J. Moore

and on another day she

became Mrs. M. J. Scott.

Toiling together …

they made a life together.

On day Mrs. Scott lost Mr. Scott …

but, for her life did not end, she then 
could only reflect on their years together.

Young lady, young man

don't bury your head in
the Twentieth Century's sand.

"Toiling together" cares little

for the times and seasons …

(A squirrel just knocked a pecan out of a tree … See! He's alive.)

Does the Rose say to the "Dew Drop,"

I can't enjoy you while you're
here for (because) in a little while you will
be on your way.

Does the Dew Drop say to the rose?

"I can't be a sparkle that contrasts your
just because the sun will soon drive me away."

Come read to me some poem from your heart.
Come speak to me from …

Real love stands when the tree is gone, much unlike the vine.

NOTE: The "Mr. and Mrs. Scott" was written while reflection on their head stone. Noticing the dates, I wondered about the impact of the dates of birth and death on their togetherness.

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